10 Things You Don’t Want to Forget!

We’ve been to camp a time or two and as much as we always think that we packed EVERYTHING we needed, we’ve definitely learned the hard way a few times. So in order to keep that from happening to any of you, we decided to share some tips and suggestions to help you pack for an exciting(!) week of camp.

Extra socks! You’ll be changing multiple times per day and it’s always good to have a clean pair of socks.

More clothes than you think you’ll need! It’s better to have more clothes than you need than not enough…who knows when a UTC event could get you dirty?!

A towel or two! You’ll want to bring two towels, one for showering and another for pool time. Trust us, it’s not fun showering all week with a sandy towel!

Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray. We will be outside often, and you don’t want to get burned or bitten! Don’t worry parents, your trusty counselors will be armed with sunscreen to lather up your kids before all that pool-time fun.

Sharpies! For signing shirts and those amazing artistic sharpie tattoos of course!

Snacks! Because sometimes running around during a UTC event just might make you hungry before canteen opens!

Laundry bag! (or plenty of plastic bags) You’ll want to keep your clean clothes separate from the dirty ones. (Plus mom will like this one when you get home from camp too!)

At least one pair of sandals! For pool time and some UTC events.

Bedding! Don’t forget your pillows, sheets and sleeping bags to get yourself all set up for the week.

Your camera! This could very possibly be THE GREATEST WEEK OF YOUR SUMMER (maybe even your life?!) and you will definitely want to capture all those crazy camp memories!

• • • • •

Now we’ve told you some things that you’ll definitely want to bring along to camp, but what should you leave at home? We will hold onto any ipods, phones and electronics that you bring to camp. You won’t have time between all the kickball, crafts, INSANE obstacle courses, bible classes, team challenges, dance parties and of course eating all that delicious camp food to use any of that anyways! You will definitely be able to call home if you’d like, but we suggest leaving any ipods with your parents when they drop you off.

If you get to camp and realize that you forgot your toothbrush or something, don’t sweat it! Just let one of your counselors know and we’ll do what we can to get you what you need.

You can download the packing list and find some more helpful tips HERE. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!