Friday is always a crazy day at camp. Since it’s the last day, we try to cram in as much fun as possible! Starting with an assortment of muffins for breakfast each camper fueled up for a full day of camp-greatness. After starting our morning with a chapel from Pastor Hanel, each class broke up for the last Religion Class of the week.

Their are no activity sessions on Friday, instead the morning is filled with our annual UTC Steeple Chase. It gets crazier every year! This year there were 10 challenges that each team had to accomplish. Every team divided up the tasks and each member performed at least one of the tasks. The baton (a stuffed animal) had to be carried by each member and passed along as they went. Each team is timed on how long it takes them to complete the entire Steeple Chase and it’s always a thrill to be on the winning team!

2013 UTC Steeple Chase

Waterslide: One camper will start at the top of the hill and slide down the slide picking up one noodle at a time and returning them one at a time. Camper will then run down to the top of the softball hill and hand off the baton.

IMG_0414 IMG_0406

Tower Destruction: One camper will set up a pre-designed fort out of boxes and the one at the top of the hill will then shoot tennis balls at the structure until the fort is adequately destroyed. Camper on the field will then run to the west entrance of the gym and hand off the baton.

IMG_0436 IMG_0420

Bobbing for Oranges: One camper will bob for 3 oranges in a bucket of TANG and then run up to the crossing of the path to Ingram and the girl’s dorm and hand off the baton.

IMG_0389 IMG_0431

Water Launcher: One camper will spray water at a counselor’s face until the bucket under his face is sufficiently filled. The camper will then run to the east entrance of the commons and hand off the baton.


Meatball Poop: One blindfolded camper will stand behind another camper and feed a pile of mystery meat and other stuff to the first camper. The first camper will then run to the west side of the gym and hand off the baton.


Foosball: One camper will shoot three yoga balls at the goal that is defended by a counselor. Each made goal will result in monster points. The camper will then run to the foyer of the boy’s dorm and will hand off the baton.
Camp Trivia: One camper will fill out five questions that pertain to stuff that happened around camp this year. The camper will then run to the bench at the top of the hill.

IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0445

Minnow Mystery: One camper will reach each limb of his/her body into a 5 gallon bucket full of minnow’s and will remove the 4 marbles. The camper will then run to the outside of the east side of the gym and hand off the baton.


Frosted Frenzy: One camper will frost the face of another camper and will then throw m&m’s at the face of the other camper. When 5 m&m’s stick the frosted camper will run to the slackline area and hand off the baton.

IMG_0403 IMG_0409

Sumo Style Beatdown: One camper will enter the arena with jacked monster of a man named Ben Libby. Two shall enter and eventually two shall leave. The only question is how long Libby can last.

IMG_0458 IMG_0483 IMG_0398IMG_0463 IMG_0482

Everyone need a break after the extensive event, so we all headed in for lunch. Campers got to enjoy their favorite meals of the week again as we attacked those leftovers.

Swimsuits on. Sunscreen applied. POOL-TIME! Everyone enjoyed our last day at the pool and we held the ever-popular Gun Show. Noah Gamble and Lauren Sotnyk were crowned victoriously muscle-y.

Back to campus to clean up for supper (PIZZA!), music and to get ready for Entertainment Night.


Pastor Hanel hosted our Huuuuge Ball Tournament for the evening. Both parents and campers alike got a surprise when they were called down from the audience to show off their skills.

130621_2121 130621_2137 130621_2192 130621_2200 130621_2277 130621_2291

We can’t forget Trophies and after the tournament was complete, Sam and Luke co-hosted the award ceremony. Everything from the Sunburn Award to the Stinkiest Feet Award was handed out to our campers. Some freezies to finish out the night then off to bed for our worn out campers.

130621_2331 130621_2341 130621_2349 130621_2397 130621_2432 130621_2308

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