A Taste of our Tuesday.


After daily calisthenics, we had a delicious breakfast consisting of “mancakes” (pancakes made by Tom), strawberries, and various cereals.


We then continued our day with activities, ranging from archery to Extreme Bananagrams.

IMG_8822 IMG_8834 IMG_8851

Lunch came next. Taco salad! With a delicious side of pineapples.


Then came…UTC!!!! Today’s UTC took place on the hill. Two slip and slides were set up with counselors hosing it down to make it supremely slippery. The campers had to stay on the tarps both down and uphill while carrying a stuffed animal and wearing a cowboy hat. And to make things worse, there was a flour-y surprise waiting for them at the bottom!

DSCF2984DSCF2986 DSCF2991 DSCF3025

After UTC came, we all went to the Fairfax pool. Don’t worry – plenty of sunscreen was applied and water consumed!

Following pool time, there was a bit of downtime before supper. The cooks made us wraps and served veggie straws and fruits.

Music followed supper. Andrew and Lucas led us in song and praise.


Another round of “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!” with Director Tom getting a cake in the face. Props to Miss Jenna Mielke for wearing her pig nose all day to win a free pass to cut to the front of the supper line for the rest of the week!



Our nightly activity was another UTC competition.

Three UTC teams were thrown together to make four larger teams. A huge field day festivity took place. Volleyball, archery, spoons, bocce ball, lightning, soccer, tennis, and pushing Joe’s truck were just a few of the events that were going on. To cap the festivities off, there was a huge tug of war duel.

IMG_9225 IMG_9231 IMG_9233 IMG_9235 IMG_9241 IMG_9248 IMG_9247

Discussion groups then met, rehashing the day’s events.

Off to the dorms for the younger campers.

The older campers continued with different discussion groups.
Off to bed!

See you tomorrow…

Click HERE for Tuesday’s pictures!