Another Canteen Giveaway

another giveaway

WHAT?! Another Canteen Giveaway?! Because one wasn’t enough, we’re back to brighten your day with $10 of canteen credit to be used during the week of camp. Just think of how many Snickers and Mountain Dews that could get you…


Again, this is only open to campers currently enrolled in 2013 Summer Youth Camp.

Show us your Shakespeare style! Get your pencils out boys and girls and impress us with some serious rhyming. Your poem must be at least four lines long and rhyme. All of your counselors cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Camp, camp, it’s the very best.
Waiting for it, we can hardly rest.
All the activities, and new friends we’ll make!
For calisthenics in the morning, we’ll eagerly awake!

Stay tuned, this giveaway will be open until June 14th and we’ll announce the winner after that.