Hump Day

It’s hard to believe that camp is already past half over!

Religion class and devotion centered on God’s holiness. Isaiah 6 was the selected reading for the classes. Isaiah’s vision shows him having a hot coal pressed to his lips to purify him to be in God’s presence. The coal is a picture of Jesus’ death on the cross purifying us to prepare us for God’s presence in heaven.

Activities added some new and recycled ideas to the mix. Line dancing, yoga, street hockey, and hair braiding were all offered to all the grades.

Water balloon nightmare was the UTC today. Campers were all given water balloons and some of the younger campers were given shields and water guns. Teams competed to get hugeballs and tennis balls from the middle of an arena without getting wet. Counselors were given the task of spraying the competitors with water guns. There were a lot of big smiles at the end of the game.

Pool time, supper, canteen, music, and discussion groups went on as planned. The campers were given a chance to recharge during the nightly activity. It was movie night! After the movie, campers were sent to bed to continue recharging in preparation for another big day at camp tomorrow.

Continued prayers for God’s precious lambs are always needed and appreciated.