Taco Tuesday

Tuesday marks the second day of camp and the first day of pancakes!
This week’s theme for camp Bible lessons is “Calibrated in Christ.” Monday’s lesson focused on the the God of Love and the difference between God’s love for us and the love that humans have for one another. Today’s lesson focused on the God of Power. We were reminded that God is the all-powerful driving force throughout history, but man’s sin constantly tries to deviate from God’s plan. However, despite man’s sin, God used His power to execute His master plan for our forgiveness of sins.
UTC was “Water Balloon Nightmare.” The goal of the game was for the campers to collect as many miscellaneous items from a circle as possible without getting wet. Campers hurled water balloons at one another while counselors used water guns to keep sending the campers back to their starting point.
The nightly activity was a Youth Camp tradition: HUGEBALL!
The third annual hugeball tournament was again MCed by Pastor Matt Hanel. Hugeball is an adaptation of dodgeball with a few twists. Huge yoga balls are added to the regular game. The White Wolves took home first place in the double elimination tournament. A team of “ILC Legends” made up of campers’ parents participated against various all star teams. It was a blast May the God of Power continue to bless us all throughout the week!

Happy Birthday to Jenn, Sam, and Joel!